Sally Forrest

15 March 2017

Have you ever stopped for a moment and questioned what is my life really all about?

We get busier and busier, we worry, we stress, we get angry and we rush through each day as if it’s a race to the end.

Have you ever stopped to question why?

What is the real purpose of my life?

What is it all about?

Am I living life or is life simply out of control?

Why do I do what I do?


I tell many of my clients that things that seem to be such huge issues today, will soon be forgotten about in a year / 5 years from now.

What we cannot get back is TIME and the opportunity to truly walk the path we are meant to and to fully LIVE this precious life.

From personal experience, once you truly understand your life purpose, your passion, your inner “juice”, then life changes and you move more into the FLOW of life.

Yes, you still get busy and have deadlines to meet, however life seems to be more enjoyable, more meaningful and much more fun!

You take charge of life and it simply get's sexier!

For the past 20 years I have been working with people to support them on their journey to find their passion.

To find that missing piece of the jigsaw that gives them purpose, energy and a feeling that “this is it”.

For once you are able to connect the dots and truly see what it is you are here to do and what sets you on fire.

You are then able to take action, take that one first step and life becomes rosy once again. You rekindle the flame, you get back your enthusiasm and you simply SHINE!

So what are the techniques that unlock this inner potential for you?

1)     The initial consultation is focused on you and what jigsaw pieces you brought with you at birth. Using ancient wisdom, I will identify your element at birth and also explain how this element is best utilized for your ultimate happiness and success.

2)     What are your strengths? What are the weaker areas? And most importantly your inner blocks will be uncovered and discussed.

3)     A 2-month action plan will be created to guide you along the path and to show you what action steps are needed to bring you the experience and to become part of the flow of life.

We are here to shine – to show our best to the world and to share our inner music with others.

Once you understand your unique jigsaw and take the first steps, then magic happens.

What are you waiting for?

Contact Sally : 98752372


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