8th March 2017

Svetlana de Jong became a certified meditation teacher with SoulCentre® in Jan 2017, and in Feb/March she had already conducted her first successful ‘Meditation Made Simple’ program for a full class of students.

Svetlana is an amazing woman; she inspired us at SoulCentre® with her own massive transformation, and is now also inspiring her own students and friends to raise their own lives to the next level.

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Svetlana shares her story…

‘Coming from a legal background and living life in the fast lane, stress, anxiety and anger had created a black hole inside me. Eventually, I quit my job to become a full time mom hoping it will help me to be more relaxed and happy, but it didn’t. In fact it made things even worse, as I started to feel lost, unfulfilled and useless, and my health was getting worse and worse.

I believed I could do so much more with my life but didn’t know what and how. I had heard about meditation many times and I even tried meditating by myself using Apps but always found it extremely difficult. I thought my logical, fast thinking and crazy mind surely could not be stopped. Since I was on a quest to find meaning and fulfillment, I continued my search for a wise teacher and effective methods of meditation. I decided to find someone who was a master of meditation and let him/ her guide me.

After my extensive research I stopped my choice on Vikas Malkani and his ‘Meditation Made Simple’ training at SoulCentre® ( This was to become one of the best decisions of my life! After this training with Vikas I realized that the greatness of meditation is in its simplicity, and that meditation was not about stopping my mind but rather making my mind work for me rather than against me.

Vikas meditation courses provided me with a solid foundation in life, and reconnected me with a part of me that had been missing for years. Meditation brought me deep inner harmony, balance, peace and fulfillment. I don't get stressed, angry and upset any longer, and I'm able to ‘let go’ of certain situations and issues. With meditation, both my mental and physical health became stronger and I became a better mother and human being. A lot of my issues resolved without much effort. A big discovery for me was that meditation and spiritual wisdom does not mean you need to sit up in the mountains or become boring. In fact meditation brings more joy and efficiency into every aspect of your life.

During my meditation training with Vikas, I clearly realized that my inner calling is to guide people to a more meaningful life by showing them the path towards true happiness. After this realization I made a decision – to join the Meditation Teacher Training program with SoulCentre®, and become a certified meditation teacher to teach their unique meditation programs to others.

Why SoulCentre®?  Because I absolutely loved SoulCentre® Meditation courses; they teach meditation in a very systematic and scientific manner, meditation is simple and very logical, proven by the ancient masters yet very effective in modern life and society. The meditation courses at SoulCentre® helped me tremendously and I believe that they can be done by absolutely anyone – even those who have never tried meditation before or those who tried but were not successful. They were extremely effective for me and others who did them with me too. I’m certain they will be highly beneficial for anyone who goes through them. And for learning meditation and wisdom, you cannot find a better teacher than Vikas Malkani!

Now as a meditation teacher myself, I am committed to my students and share with them my passion and professionalism. I ensure a meditation class full of joy and happiness. I give my best to every student and empower them to realize that meditation is simple, logical and fun. 

I’ve just finished teaching my first 'Meditation Made Simple’ course and will start my next course in March/April 2017, so if you want to benefit your life tremendously, get in touch with me.”

Svetlana de Jong (Mob: 91130066)


Meditation Teacher Training At SoulCentre® – Another Great Success!

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