Vikas Malkani

1st March 2017

Meditation 3

An enlightened master was meeting people, and answering their many queries.

“Master, I am unhappy. Can you give me the secret of happiness?” asked one.

“Yes I can”, said the master, “But before I do, you must know yourself.”

“I am a failure in my business dear master. Can you show me how to succeed in business and in life?”

“Yes I can. But you must know yourself first”, replied the master.

“I have no love in my life”, lamented another. “Can you tell me how I can find a loving partner for life?”

“Of course I can”, answered the enlightened one. “But before you understand how, you must know yourself.”

No matter what the question was, the master had only one answer: You must know yourself.

Know thyself: In this one sentence lie the solutions to all our sufferings and the secrets to all our desires. The human mind is the creator of our happiness or unhappiness, joy or sorrow, pleasure or pain, freedom or bondage, stress or relaxation, failure or success. By understanding our mind we also understand how to create what is beneficial for us and others and desist from creating what pains us and others.

The fastest path to understanding the mind and knowing how we create our own life experience is the practice of meditation. Meditation is non-religious, very scientific, and an empowering technique without par. It’s easy to learn and can be practised almost anywhere.

Here is a simple 3 minute simple meditation technique that will bring you multiple health and emotional benefits.

The 4-2-6 Breath

Close your eyes and relax yourself. Hold your spine straight but relaxed. Now begin to focus on your breath and mentally count as you breathe. Silently count to 4 as you inhale. Hold your breath for a count of 2 and exhale gently for a count of 6. Then repeat.

Every time your mind shifts, gently bring it back to your breath and your mental count. Continue for 3 minutes, or more.

In just 3 minutes, this wonderful technique I’ve created can calm you down. Additionally, it will also stabilise your emotions, clear your mind and bring more energy to the task at hand.

But don’t just take my word for it. There’s plenty of scientific research that backs up what I am saying, and I am happy to show you how to make the benefits real in your life too!

Vikas Malkani is the World’s #1 Wisdom Coach.

To acquire wisdom for happiness, abundance, or enlightenment, Vikas is the best source you will find.

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Meditation In 3 Minutes

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