Vidhya Shailesh

14th June 2017

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Meditation has been around for several thousands of years. Across geographies, cultures, religions and ages, many masters have spoken of the importance of meditation in different ways. While their instruction might take different flavors and become culture specific, the practice in itself has always been the same.

Vikas describes meditation as the science of freedom and power. It is a science – not just hear say. It has been proven time and again and has been researched actively on. The practice of meditation rewires one at a cellular level. Its effectiveness has been documented by scientists and meditators alike.

It is the only way to understand yourself and your mind better. Our mind and the multitude of thoughts that run through it have a huge impact on us – emotionally as well as physically. Meditation teaches us to become aware of our thoughts. Meditation is the only thing that teaches us to train our minds to have the thoughts by choice. Meditation teaches us to use our mind to create the life we wish to. Contrary to popular belief it is simple, easy to learn and very effective.

Through practices that range from thirty seconds to as long as forty-five minutes or more, meditation provides benefits at many different levels. For example, just the simple act of bringing your awareness to the present moment can improve the quality of your connection. It helps train the mind to focus on what exists in front of you even if it is just your breath. With increased focus and awareness, many often report deeper feelings of relaxation. When the mind is relaxed, the body relaxes. Science has proven that a relaxed mind and relaxed body produces chemicals that promote a feeling of well being in the body. These chemicals help heal the body of several afflictions and give a greater sense of harmony. Clarity of mind arises when the body is relaxed and peaceful. Emotions are under control when the body is peaceful. The quality of your life improves. You notice you start to stress and worry a lot lesser.

When the body and mind are in harmony, you find your relationships improve. There is a greater sense of happiness and peace.

However, to get the benefits, it is essential that you learn it from an authentic source. Meditation learnt from an authentic teacher is guaranteed to change your life for the better. Simple techniques rooted with the right wisdom can bring about dramatic changes to your life. When we learn anything new in our life, we first seek to find a teacher who is an expert in the field. Likewise for meditation too, you must find the right teacher to learn from. Books and resources can present you with all the logic, knowledge, information and statistics you seek. However, only an authentic teacher can teach you from experience.

Last but not the least, only practice produces results. To truly understand if meditation is really effective, you must learn it and practice it for yourself. Once you have had a taste of its benefits, it will naturally become a priority in your life. Champions meditate, powerful leaders of businesses meditate, and many successful people meditate. They meditate because they know it is effective. They meditate because they know how powerful this practice is. They meditate because it helps them create their life by choice.

At SoulCentre® we conduct meditation classes right from beginner levels and you have the option of continuing the training to become certified as a teacher should you choose to.

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Meditation – Is It Really Effective?

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