Cannot Sleep? Learn To Meditate

Unable to sleep even though you are very tired? Endless nights of sleeplessness followed by days of lethargy and sleepiness can sap your energy and leave you feeling miserable.



Stage Fright? Anxiety? Overcome It With Meditation

Stage fright can happen long before you even get near a stage. The mere thought of standing in front of an audience can make your heart flutter or pound, the palms of your hand get cold and sweaty, and your knees start to shake and your mouth go dry. Your stomach may even get upset.


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Meditation – Is It Really Effective?

Meditation has been around for several thousands of years. Across geographies, cultures, religions and ages, many masters have spoken of the importance of meditation in different ways.


Yin & Yang

Know Yourself And The Qualities Were You Born With

In Chinese Metaphysics, there is a fascinating subject called BaZi or Destiny Analysis.

At the moment of your birth, there is a unique combination of elements which depicts you, your qualities, your strengths and also area’s which you can develop.


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