By Sally Forrest
BSc, MRPharmS, MBA
Managing Director,
25th July 2018

I ask people a simple question “What do you want from life?”
Have you ever stopped and reflected on this question for your own life?
If not, today may be a good time to do so.

The most common answer I get is “Happiness” followed by “Inner Peace”.

Why does happiness elude so many? Why do we feel unhappy and not at peace with life?
Allow me to share some of my top secrets that bring happiness to life on a daily basis.

1) You are your own enemy.

You are tough on yourself, you constantly compare yourself to others and you chase after externals to make you happy.
No one is perfect, no one lives a perfect life, we are all perfectly imperfect.
The sooner you accept your imperfect life, the happier you will be.

I have clients who constantly change jobs, year after year they report back that the job is causing them stress, unhappiness and so they quit.

Clients who are on their 3rd marriage because the spouse caused unhappiness to them…. I am sure you have met people like this in life.
Wisdom from the ancient masters explains “Wherever you go, there you are”. This means that it’s not the externals that cause unhappiness to you, it’s YOU and your inner chatter that causes unhappiness. Put yourself in any situation and you are finding unhappiness, it’s that simple!

The sooner we can accept the fact that happiness lies in OUR hands and not in the hands of others, then the sooner we can become happy and content inside.


2) Negative Voice

Inside our heads we have 2 voices.
The positive voice that tells you everything that can go well, that you can do, achieve and have. That you deserve the best in life and that life is great.
The negative voice that tells you not to try new things. That you will fail, that you are not good enough, who are you to even try? That life is hard, unfair and that you are getting the worst deal from life.

The question is “Which voice is strongest in your mind and which are you listening to?”

Reflect on your day so far, which voice have you been listening to?

3) Focus on your Blessings

The solution to feeling down and depressed is to STOP and focus on your blessings.
We all have bad days, even the rich and famous with all the wealth in the world have bad days.
So how do we get out of them? FOCUS on the good in your life! It’s that simple….

-    I have fresh air to breathe
-    I have a healthy mind and body
-    I have a place to stay
-    I have friends who care about me
-    I have clothes to wear
-    I have freedom and security
-    I have a dollar in my pocket
-    I have food to eat

The list can go on and on and the best solution is to write down 10 NEW blessings each morning - and soon happiness will be with you every day.

We are all born originals, beautiful and unique with so much to bring to the world.
Feeling unhappy, frustrated and disappointed is wasted energy!
Stop focusing on everyone else and start to focus on yourself.
Happiness comes from within, you are responsible for your own happiness, so let’s start creating that together!

Sally is the creator of “The Life Success Method” where she combines Eastern and Western Methods to create lives of happiness, success, significance and legacy.
She conducts group coaching as well as private one on one consultations.

To connect with Sally, please send an email to:















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