19th July 2017

Vikas brought SoulCentre to Singapore in 2004 and for the past 13 years he has been sharing wisdom with thousands of students from over 40 different countries.


Many students who met him in 2004 are still following his wisdom, and love to remain connected with him. We caught up with a few students recently and asked why they continue the journey with Vikas, here are a few of their comments:

“Vikas changed my life- he is amazing”

Vikas is enlightened, the real deal and his energy is amazing”

“Vikas is the most inspirational person I have met"

"I love the simplicity of his teachings, his stories and depth”

So, we thought it would be a good time to ask Vikas a few questions about his success and his vision for the work that he does.

What is your vision for your work?

To make wisdom as simple as I can and to share it with as many people as I can, so that everyone can have the freedom and tools to live a life of happiness and success.

How does wisdom change people’s lives?

Wisdom expands your mindset. Wisdom gives you a deeper understanding of how things are. Wisdom shows you the causes underneath the results. Wisdom shows you the smoothest, shortest way to create what you want.

This is why wisdom is the secret ingredient for a happy and successful life.

What are the benefits that you have seen in the lives of your students?

As soon as one comes on the path of wisdom and starts learning from a good teacher, life starts to get better and easier. We begin to see what we are doing wrong, and what is causing the struggle that we may be facing. Wisdom also gives us the tools to start making the changes I a positive way, so we are able to turn unhappiness into happiness, stress into fulfilment, and failure into success.

Wisdom is the greatest asset to have in the journey of life. Wisdom is the stabilizer and the optimizer of life.

At what age should one ideally learn the wisdom?

The sooner one starts, the better our life will be.

There is really no starting age for receiving wisdom. The earlier we find a good teacher and start learning wisdom, the more opportunities we have of creating the results we want in all aspects of our life.

Thank you Vikas for your input, keep up the amazing work and keep inspiring everyone that you meet.

If you want to book a private session with Vikas, please do contact SoulCentre,

His meditation program “Meditation Made Simple” is an excellent way to start the journey to wisdom. 

Vikas Malkani In The Spotlight

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