Vikas Malkani

12th July 2017

It is important in life to have a vision, clear goals and to follow them with consistent action to make them real. It is also important to remember to take a break and reconnect with your inner self and rejuvenate from the inside.

Take a Break

When we pursue an active life, and have goals to follow, life often becomes busy and hectic.

There are things to do every day, targets to meet, people to network with, e-mails to answer and families to look after.

It is easy to get caught up in this life of external activity.

In ancient times, such a life has been defined by the metaphor of a farmer who buys a dog and brings him home thinking that it will bring him joy and happiness, but then ends up constantly running behind the dog to get him under control.

Many of us can stand testimony to this ancient metaphor. We start to build a lifestyle which we think is what we desire and one that will bring us happiness and joy, but often we end up simply running to keep this lifestyle in place. We end up working for the pay check which we need to pay the bills for the lifestyle that we have created.

We become hostages of our own desires.

This is the reason why taking a break from routine is not just recommended but is essential for ones’ wellbeing. We need to have spaces of quiet in the year of activity.

We need to have inner silence in external chaos.

We need to have inner balance in a world of external extremes.

The best way to do this is to find quiet days where you can contemplate life, meditate, and plan for a better future from a mindset of inner peace. You can do this on the weekends or on any day that you can choose to take off from your regular life.

A break from routine can happen any time of the year so one does not need to be defined by the norms of society, it does not have to be only when your children get a school break or when there is a public holiday.

Any day is a good day to disconnect from the external world of activity and reconnect with inner balance and harmony.

Just decide it and do it. It is essential for your wellbeing, happiness and good health.

Suggestions for your time off:

1)     Sleep more

2)     Disconnect from the internet, e-mails, social media, TV.

3)     Meditate. Focus on your inner self, discover your authentic needs instead of conditioned desires and review the life that you have created so far.

4)     Strengthen human relationships with positive people. We are social animals and can either grow or be stunted by the relationships that we develop. Time off from your daily routine is a wonderful opportunity to review and recalibrate the relationships you have created so far.

5)     Read inspirational books. Fill your mind with nourishing food, be inspired by the thoughts and ideas of people who have achieved greatness.

6)     Exercise. Taking a walk in nature or going for a swim is wonderful therapy. Alternatively, you can practice Yoga or go for a run in the woods. Exercise helps the body to stay young, strengthens the immune system and also creates a positive mindset.

After your time off make the commitment to follow the new thoughts and ideas that you have come up with.

Make the changes you need to, delete what is not working and bring in new habits and new priorities into your life.

Time off is not just to escape temporarily from a life you do not enjoy, it is meant to be the step back before you take a leap forward in your life to make it better and more in alignment with the authentic you.

Take A Break – Detach From Routine

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