Sally Forrest

26th July 2017

Reiki simply means using the energies that are around us, the universal energies to bring balance and harmony to our own inner energy.

It’s easy to use and once you have been reconnected to it, then it stays with you for life.


Once learnt, you become much more responsible for your own health and healing and you begin to flow more with life.

Every student who learns Reiki with us at SoulCentre® reports immediate changes on some aspect of life.


Health issues improve and in some cases, heal completely.

Issues such as aches and pains, headaches, chronic illnesses all see improvements.


Sometimes we have issues from the past that concern or stress us.

We have emotions that are negative – for example jealousy, anger, worry, low self-esteem.

Reiki gives the tools and techniques needed to move forward and soon these issues are healed.


Many ladies who attended Reiki were not able to conceive and after Reiki became pregnant naturally. Over 8 ladies now have super happy and healthy babies and all say it's due to the Reiki magic (of course their husbands helped).

People who wanted to move home, change jobs, find relationships, all report life changing success after Reiki.

Sally says that “Reiki brings into your life things that are meant to move you forward to achieving your life purpose” and over and over again students report amazing occurrences after learning Reiki.


After reiki, there is an awareness that we are all connected in some way and that our thoughts, emotions and actions affect the results of our life.

There is a more peaceful approach to life and a gentle relaxation and a letting go of the need to push for more and more.

Amazingly once we relax and let go, then even more amazing things start to happen which we could not imagine before.

Sally is a medical pharmacist and first discovered Reiki over 15 years ago.

She has trained thousands of students in Reiki and uses it personally on a daily basis. Children from the age of 6 can learn and our oldest student was 86.

Sally has also studied Feng Shui and her passion is to explain how inner and outer energies of space can dramatically affect and change lives.

“There is an intelligence that we can tap into and this can bring amazing results in life.”

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