Do you ever feel as if life is simply passing you by and you are not really living the life you dreamed of?

This happens to all of us at some point in time and often it is because we have stopped really focussing on what we want to get out of life. Instead we start to please others and do what is expected of us, fulfilling the multiple roles that we have taken on and end up like a hamster running round and round on a wheel without much thought to where or what we are doing.

Life Coach

So at this moment, as you are reading this blog, I want you to STOP and ask yourself this one question.

What do I want from my life?

Yes YOU – the person reading this

What do YOU want for YOUR life?

For one moment forget your roles, forget your kids, your job, your partner, your dog, your shopping list, your facebook account, your need to be busy… and simply think about YOU!

If you need some help with this question, then give us a call and book a one-on-one life coaching session.

So what is a Life Coach and what will a Life Coach support and guide you on?

• A life coach is someone who will ask you questions that really make you think.

• A life coach is someone you can trust.

• A life coach is someone who will push you just a bit further than you could ever imagine is possible.

• A life coach will listen to you fully and without interrupting you.

• A life coach is someone who will hold up a mirror and help you see what limiting beliefs you may be carrying.

• A life coach will not judge you.

• A life coach is someone who will see your strengths and start to build on these.

• A life coach will also support you on any weaker areas, however this will not be their focus – after all your strengths are what will take you higher.

• A life coach will help you see the patterns of your life and will give you action points to change.

• A life coach will bring change to your life for the better.

Change is EASY – it begins with one thought, followed by ACTION.

So what are you waiting for?

A fun life awaits you - maximise your potential.

Life Coaching – How does it help me?

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