Avanti Kundalia is an amazing woman who demonstrates the benefits of meditation in real life. She has grown spiritually and progressed so dramatically over the past year that it’s a joy to see her live out the wisdom of meditation in her daily life.

Avanti is now inspiring others too, by teaching them the secrets of ancient meditation, and helping create lives that are stress free, happy and fulfilled.

SoulCentre® is happy and proud to welcome Avanti into our family as one of our meditation teachers. We are convinced you will make this world a much better place Avanti…


Avanti says,

“I had successfully completed two wonderful life-transforming courses with Vikas Malkani at SoulCentre® – SoulKids® Mentor Training and SoulKids® Coach Training. These courses connected a lot of hidden dots for me which I had struggled with in my own journey towards self-discovery since I was 12 years.

The “aha” light-bulb moments I had through Vikas’s teaching were so undeniable and effective, they nudged me onto the next obvious steps, even as my belief in Vikas as a very insightful teacher grew. I was sure he would enlighten me on what I couldn’t see and help me find release from inhibiting patterns of thought and non-action. Being a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and a keen student of Vedanta I decided to sign up for his trademarked meditation courses to further develop my own spiritual understanding that he had so effortlessly initiated.

My self-growth had been on over-drive for many years by the time I actually crossed paths with Vikas. But I felt a nagging disconnect, between what I knew in my inner reality compared to what I was able to express or bring into this world on a practical level. I had so much to give and yet didn’t know how to give it.  Every time I tried I either failed or was misunderstood, which was extremely frustrating.

Doing these very practical meditation courses with Vikas helped me fortify my own beliefs that I had often doubted for lack of validation from my external world. I also learnt ways to efficiently translate my inner wisdom so that I could fully share in my classes or otherwise.

This journey of wisdom with Vikas, from ‘Meditation Made Simple’ to ‘Masters of Meditation’ and the subsequent Teacher Training helped me truly ground my own roots and eradicated self-doubt. This was exactly the essential change I needed to get to where I dreamt to be!

During a rough period of growing up, I had convinced myself that I could never change my life; it was something I had to live and die with; that I had no choice. But the wisdom of meditation and its many irrefutable “miracles” began to clear away these deep-rooted untrue beliefs. Meditation and spiritual wisdom brought me out of this doubt and despair, and reinstated a faith in the indomitable power of the human spirit.

Meditation has given me a reason and inspiration to live in the truest sense of the word – not just for myself but for others too. Since meditation transformed my life in such dramatic and positive ways, I am certain it can transform absolutely everyone if they are willing. I intend to be that possibility; that flicker of light for all to show them just how happy and beautiful life can really be!

Meditation changed my life, so powerfully! And I want to help people come out of their confusion, ignorance, unhappiness and stress and start to live a life of happiness, freedom and fulfilment, using the path of meditation!’

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Meditation Teacher Avanti Kundalia – Making The World A Better Place Through Meditation.

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