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25th January 2017

The enlightened masters of the ancient Upanishads taught that we live in two worlds simultaneously, the inner and the outer world. The external world is not always in our control, but our inner world can always be in our control.


To become joyful and experience happiness in our daily life it is necessary that we maintain awareness of both these worlds. Awareness is the practice of staying awake moment to moment; to be fully present, and available to every moment; to choose deliberately.

Creating this state of awareness is the first step toward becoming stress free and living a life of happiness and freedom. The more aware you become, the greater your control over your life grows, and vice-versa. Being aware is also synonymous with meditation.

Since the mind is the source of unhappiness or happiness, stress or calm, failure or success, it is only logical that we should direct our attention to the mind.

The whole basis of meditation is to make you enjoy life more. And the beauty of meditation is that it makes you realise that your happiness is not dependent on external factors. So you get not only happiness, but freedom also.

Here are 5 effective strategies from the wisdom of meditation to create a happy 2017 – both on the inside and outside.


To find your authentic life, dare to turn away from the conditioned mind-set and superficial possessions; step out of the daily grind and stop the rat race to find your true life.

Rushing through life to accumulate more and more because that’s what is expected out of you is a uniquely modern dis-ease. Happiness and freedom cannot come where a mad race is being run after a seemingly elusive goal that often is not even what you really want.

Dare to slow down your life and step out of the rush to do more and more, possess more and more.


At the deepest level, everything occurring in your life-experience is the result of your own desires, choices, actions and reactions.  Whatever you experience in your life is a direct expression of who you are.

Good or bad, it’s your life and it happened with your participation, whether conscious or not. Therefore, accept full responsibility and control of your own life. 

Resolve that just for today you will not get angry, not worry, and instead will take some action to create what you want.


You were born to share what you love to do and do best, with the rest of the world. Do this! Put what you love first, above all.  Follow what you love and remember that love never considers fear.

When you love what you do, you naturally get better at it and eventually excel at the task. You are also happy doing it, which is more than can be said for the majority of people who work.

So, with love as your guiding light, your success in life is assured because you will enjoy both happiness and success.


We frequently tell ourselves the story of what we lack, what others have that we don’t, what we missed, of opportunities that got away. You can't be happy if you spend time focusing on what you should have, would have, could have done in the past.

Instead, begin every morning by consciously counting your blessings and recognizing the fact that if you’re reading this magazine, you are in a better position than the majority of our world.

Stay focused on your full-ness, not your empty-ness. Stay focused on what’s good in your life, and work to make the rest better. This one practice will turn your life around.

Remember that if you keep your face to the sunshine, you cannot see the shadows.


An ancient Zen teachings goes ‘If you know but do not do, you do not know!’ Wisdom is meaningful only if it is followed up with action. To learn how to swim, you must get wet.

Don’t be too concerned about how much there is to do, or how big some of the tasks seem, just do what you can do. Take baby steps and get one thing done at a time, again and again.  Just do what you can, and grow from there.

The sage Lao Tzu said, ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’.  Wisdom lays the foundation, but it is action that finally creates a better life and future. So take action, today!

(Meditation and wisdom are the foundations of the ancient wisdom of the Upanishads, also known as Vedanta. Starting from the sages of the Upanishads and down through the centuries, enlightened teachers like Krishna, Parmahansa Yogananda, Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Osho, Sri Aurobino, and Swami Rama of the Himalayas have spoken about the necessity of meditation to live a happy and peaceful life.)

Vikas Malkani is the #1 wisdom coach in the world.

When you need wisdom for happiness, abundance, or enlightenment, Vikas is the best source you can find.

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5 Strategies From Meditation To Make 2017 Your Best Year!

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