Meditation Teacher Training at SoulCentre – Svetlana

By: Sally Forrest

Question 1: When did you graduate as a SoulCentre® Meditation Teacher?

Answer: I graduated as a SoulCentre® Certified Meditation Teacher in December 2016

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Question 2: How did you feel when you conducted your first meditation class?

Answer: I felt a little nervous while I was preparing for my first course. It took me several hours of practice to get completely prepared. However, once I started to teach the session, I felt like words were just flowing out of me and time just came to a stand-still. I felt very happy and satisfied with myself after the course. It was such a pleasure to see changes in the eyes of my students.

Question 3: What feedback have you received from your students?

Answer: The feedback was really positive. All my students always complimented me. They have said I was amazing and have a natural talent. Some said I have a wonderful energy and kept them engaged during the whole course. Some others said I am very knowledgeable and always ready to answer all questions. I had tears of joy when I received feedback from another student saying, “I just love her.”

Question 4: How many students have you taught so far?

Answer: I have taught a total of 4 courses so far. There have been 19 students in all.

Question 5: Are the students keen to continue?

Answer: Yes most of them are keen to continue and I am about to teach the Level 2 course, Meditation in Action to them.

Question 6: Do you feel that finally you have followed your dream/ found your life purpose?

Answer: Yes I do feel very happy and fulfilled now. I always knew that I wanted to help make the world a better place but didn’t know how. A few years ago, during my own meditation practice, I realized that my life purpose is to bring light and joy to others and I believe being a Meditation teacher is in line with this. I have finally found what I have been looking for years. My heartfelt gratitude to my teacher Vikas Malkani and SoulCentre for this opportunity. 

Meditation Teacher Training at Soulcentre Svetlana

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