Meditation for Corporates

By Sally Forrest
Managing Director of SoulCentre,

28th February 2018    

52% of Singaporeans have said that their work stress has risen significantly in the past 6 months. The office is no longer a fun experience and is increasingly becoming a stressful grind.
Increased workload, lack of support, office politics and reduced communications are all cited as issues in a recent survey “Working in Asia”.

Employees lack focus, are not clear on their priorities and admit they do not have strong enough influence skills. This coupled with extremely long working hours and commutes that are occupied with social media and “others agendas”, all lead to a mind that is over stressed, overloaded and dissipated. The joy of life is no longer apparent and the downward circle begins.

meditation for corporates

A recent workshop was conducted by SoulCentre with a top multinational team of executives where we asked a simple question.

What causes your stress and anxiety?

The answers we can all relate to;

Things not going to plan
Not enough time
I feel like I am not progressing at work
The team is misaligned
In-house politics
Relationship issues at work
I am too hard on myself and need to achieve the best always
The unknown – is my job safe?
I cannot get my message across
Resistance and in house fighting
No time for my family – it’s all about work!

SoulCentre tailors our corporate meditation programs to clients’ needs and provides practical training that brings results!
Every company needs this training.
Imagine a workforce that focusses in the same direction and drives to achieve common goals.
Imagine staff who are focused and in control of their emotions and feelings.
Imagine being able to take the good days and the bad days with an inner determination and drive to continue moving forward.
Imagine staff having an inner drive and passion for their role.

These are only some of the results we achieve.

What do we include in our Corporate Programs?

An understanding of how stress is created.
Identifying the triggers of stress in the particular company.
Learning about negative outcomes if the stress is not managed.
Develop a strategy to identify and mitigate stress and its causes.
Develop a range of techniques that one can use during the working day to manage stress.
Developing emotional intelligence strategies to enhance team work.
We inspire the participants and include memorable techniques and examples that they can use in their work and home environment.

Our results speak for themselves

Just some of the feedback we have received;

A positive impact on the overall culture of the teams.
Stress management tools that work and are quick to employ.
Reduced stress.
Increased focus.
Work relationships improved as people started to truly listen and understand each other.
Decision making skills improved.
Staff at ALL levels benefited.

Top CEO’s learn meditation and see a difference after only 2 training sessions.

The best companies in the world use Meditation and incorporate it onto their corporate culture; Apple, Yahoo, Google, Nike, Rolls Royce, Siemens, P&G, Ogilvy & Mather, Avon Cosmetics to name a few.

Now it’s time to bring Meditation and Mindfulness to your company.

There is no better corporate meditation provider than SoulCentre Pte. Ltd to conduct your programs.
We are Asia’s Premier Centre for meditation and mindfulness and we have an amazing team of dedicated and committed meditation trainers. Our programs are taught around the world.

Sally Forrest and Vikas Malkani, our founders, are from the corporate world, having senior executive positions globally.
A depth of business experience allows us to fully understand and to tailor each program to your specific needs.

Contact us today and your program will be tailor-made to bring guaranteed results.

Sally Forrest
BSc, MRPharmS, MBA.
Managing Director
SoulCentre Pte Ltd

Meditation For Corporates

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