Vikas Malkani

15th February 2017

If you were to give yourself a gift – and you can only give yourself one gift, what would that be? Really think about this question.

What Do We Really Want In Life

We receive many answers to this question :

• Happiness

• Contentment

• Fulfilment

• Joy

• Peace

• Balance

• Love

It’s always about the internals, and never about the externals.

No one ever says money, power, bigger house, new car….

When we stop and think about what life really means to us, we are all searching for similar things, so how come we struggle to find them?

Inside of us, we are all the same, made up of the same organs, our body has similar blood and we feel the same emotions.

What is inside of us is beyond borders, nationalities, religions, race and conditioning.

We all want the same thing, yet we live our lives in a conditioned way, repeating past mistakes and we never learn or realize that to get what we want we need to change.

Have the courage to move forwards, just take one step and what you really want in life will become available. We are here to support!

Join our life lesson events or book a one on one coaching to support your first step on the journey.

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What Do We Really Want In Life?

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