Vikas Malkani

1st February 2017

I am excited and very happy that Latin America will become a happier continent in 2017! Why? Because SoulCentre® wisdom and training is coming to Brazil, Peru and other countries, through an amazing woman called Amalia.


Amalia has been a great student at SoulCentre® these past few years ; she is a vibrant and positive woman full of happiness and wisdom, who makes everyone feel happy and joyful just by her being. Amalia is also now ready to share the ancient wisdom of meditation with people everywhere and bring more happiness and joy into their life.

Amalia returned to Brazil recently as a SoulCentre® Meditation Teacher and she will be benefiting many students there I am sure!

Here’s Amalia in her own words :

“I was born in Peru, have Spanish parents, and a Brazilian husband and 2 daughters. From a young age, I was always curious about spirituality and my real purpose of life.  I read many books of deep wisdom, and even though many things were ‘clear’ intellectually, it was difficult to apply and to share this knowledge with others. 

From a professional point of view I always wanted to learn more and more. I was also interested in teaching and so I did a PhD to be qualified to teach at universities, still searching for my own purpose of life.

Once in Singapore, I was attracted to the idea of extracting wisdom from Asia’s ancient traditions, religions and cultures. I looked for many places to learn, but I soon realised that meditation can often be confusing and difficult to understand.

It was when I found SoulCentre® and Vikas that for the first time meditation was presented in a unique, simple, practical, fun and logical manner. For the first time, it became clear to me that any mind can be trained step by step, in the way to be happy here and now.

Leaning meditation with Vikas, my whole family benefited. The ambience at home became lighter and happier and we connected more deeply. As I continued my meditation learning at SoulCentre®, it became clear that I wanted to transmit the unique wisdom that Vikas was sharing with as many people as possible. Suddenly my old desire to be a teacher and share knowledge while evolving myself made complete sense.

So I completed my ‘Meditation Teacher Training’ at SoulCentre® because the real discipline I wanted to teach was Happiness. My return to Brazil after 3 wonderful years in Singapore now has a whole new meaning. I am here to share this ancient universal wisdom in a practical manner with Latin America, and help people understand that the real source of happiness and success is inside each of us. 

I now live a life of purpose and passion, and I intend to share the ancient wisdom of meditation with everyone in Peru, Brazil, and all of Latin America, in the best way I can!

Meditation changed my life for the better, and now I know that the real purpose of my life is to be happy and help other people find happiness within themselves too!”

- Amalia Casas De Las Peñas (Brazil)

You can connect with Amalia at or at (+55) 21 99752-5578

We are proud of you Amalia…

Keep shining and keep sharing your wisdom with others!

Love and light from Vikas

SoulCentre® Training Comes To Brazil And Latin America!

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