Sally Forrest

22nd February 2017

As a medical pharmacist I have always been interested in health and healing and I truly believe that each decision you take along the path of life leads you forward to discovering your true passion and life purpose.

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My pharmacy degree was the first step into working for a wonderful organization called Boots the Chemists. 17 years later and after many years in senior management roles I was asked to leave the UK and go to open stores in Thailand.

It was an easy decision - YES -  I agreed and off I went.

I loved every moment of my time in Thailand – fast paced – great success and providing opportunities for people to grow.

70 stores and 3 years later I was asked to return to the UK and be part of a team “downsizing” the parent company.

OUCH – this was not what I wanted to do – and a few months into this role I decided to quit. I was waking up each morning with no joy in my life - the passion had gone!

My heart felt like it was dying and it was not in the role and so I had to be true to myself.

I brought myself back to Asia and wanted first to give back to Thailand. I opened an Orphanage in Chiang Mai with a wonderful local couple.

Looking back this was all part of the “jigsaw” of life as it was whilst I was at the Orphanage with the hill tribes in the north of Thailand that I had my “Ah-ha” moment.

The local tribes had no access to medicines yet were able to heal minor issues, compared to my days in the West where we instinctively reach for a paracetamol to cure the smallest issue.

This took me on a journey to understand the mind-body connections. I discovered Reiki in Thailand and began to use it every day in my life.

I travelled to India and learnt meditation with Vikas Malkani, and whilst there we decided to combine our strengths and open SoulCentre® in Singapore.

I use both Reiki and Meditation each day.

Reiki allows you to understand and listen to your body and appreciate its needs.

Meditation introduces you to your mind and how your thoughts are affecting and creating your reality.

Our meditation classes run each month and everyone from stressed out senior managers to busy mums attend and see the benefits immediately.

Reiki is scheduled for 1st/2nd April and I will be teaching ways to truly connect with and understand the body and how it can heal.

We only take a small group of people as we teach in a very professional way so each person experiences the Reiki as well as practices it on others.

Reiki connects you to your real self and many people see life in a different way after attending our program.

It truly is the best gift you can give to yourself.

We teach in the leading Spas of the world and we are known as Asia’s Premier Centre for Personal Development.

Connect today and allow us to serve your needs :

Self-Healing – My Journey

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