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8th February 2017

If health is wealth, then the time you set aside daily for your meditation sessions will make you a rich person.

Meditation is a scientific technique that leads to control over your own mind, the same mind that if left untrained becomes the creator of stress and disease. Many studies have shown that meditation significantly improves our health level. The stress release and the deep rest produced when we meditate activate the body's own healing forces. Meditation is also an excellent complement to conventional medicine or surgery. It has been seen that patients who meditate heal themselves faster.


Meditation shows you how your mind works, and how it creates your life experience. And since the mind is the source of unhappiness or happiness, stress or calm, sickness or well-being, failure or success, it is only logical that we should direct our attention to the mind.

Anyone can meditate. Meditation is a simple, natural and effortless technique for quietening and training the mind, making us experience an inner peace and leading us to connect with our real nature. We become healthier as a result of meditation.

The whole basis of meditation is to make you enjoy life more. The beauty of meditation is that it makes you happy inside, so you are happy anyway irrespective of whether you are materialistic or not. Your happiness is not dependent on external factors. So you get not only happiness, but freedom also.

Make it a resolution for this year – that you will make meditation a part of your daily routine, at least 5 days a week.

Here are 5 simple techniques of meditation you can use anywhere, and anytime :

1)    STOP! – Many times in the day stay ‘Stop!’ to yourself. Become aware of your thought at that point of time, and simply watch it for a few seconds.

2)    Mindfulness - Give the action (walking, eating, cooking etc.) you are involved in your full mind and attention. Your mind should be totally absorbed in the action, without judgement.

3)    Contemplation - Take a word or phrase and contemplate deeply its inner meaning and significance in your life.

4)    Concentration - Put your full attention on any one place, colour or word, and do not allow it to move. If it shifts, simply bring it back and continue to be focused on a single point.

5)    Mantra - Many times during your day, reaffirm silently to yourself “I am Whole” and as you do, feel the emotion of complete-ness.

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