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2nd August 2017

A question that has troubled spiritual teachers and students alike for thousands of years ... What Is Enlightenment?


Many words have been used to define enlightenment - moksha, awakening, samadhi, nirvana, universal consciousness, satori and so many more.

Here's the simplest metaphor to understand it.

Imagine you are asleep and dreaming that you are living a normal life. In the dream, everything seems real - what you eat, where you go, who you meet and what you do. You feel emotions, take actions and have experiences.

Everything seems real, very real in this dream.

And then suddenly, something happens and you wake up!

There is an immediate and transformational ah-ha! A realisation that 'I was asleep, and everything was just a dream. Now I am awake.’

That what I thought was real, was not real. In fact, this is reality.

You wake up from what you thought was real, and see reality as it is!

This is enlightenment, often also referred to as 'Awakening'.

The word 'enlightenment' is used to also denote 'being in the light of truth', a way of saying you woke up and actually see what's true.

What leads to it?

There are essentially only 3 ways:

1) The path of authentic meditation, which brings wisdom and tools that create inner transformation

2) Finding and following a genuine spiritual teacher who has experienced enlightenment, and who can guide you to the experience.

3) A big balance of positive karma, which leads to the search for spiritual wisdom and a spiritual teacher, which eventually brings awakening!

The enlightened masters have stated that we are all on the path to enlightenment already, every one of us.

It's just that we are all progressing at different paces. But eventually, enlightenment is the final destination for all of us.

Knowing this, why delay?

There you have it - Enlightenment Made Simple!

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What Is Enlightenment?

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