Sally Forrest

23rd August 2017

My Spiritual Journey

Every one of us is born with a purpose and when we look back and connect the dots it’s easy to see that at any moment we are being guided forwards, however we do not always have the eyes to see.

I achieved my business success early in my career through a lot of dedication and effort and it was when I was literally shining bright near the top of the corporate ladder that my foundations were shaken.

I remember the moment vividly. I was managing a large Boots store with over 400 staff, we had smashed our X-mas targets, broken all records and there was still a week to go before X-mas.

I was celebrating the huge success with one of my managers when my telephone rang and the news I never expected to hear came to me.

My mother had died suddenly at the age of 60.

My world literally stopped.

What had seemed so important in the external world was suddenly nothing at all.

It no longer had relevance.

Here I was with all the externals of life, but what use were they when you receive news like this?

This moment was key in my Spiritual evolution.

I realized that we have no control over the external world and also in that moment I had no control over my inner world either.

I felt helpless, lost, confused and empty.

The following weeks and months seemed unreal and without meaning.

My reality and life had changed.

The Universe then took over and opportunities arose which I accepted.

I moved to Asia to open a chain of retail stores and later opened an Orphanage.

Whilst doing the work for the Orphanage I had a realization that people could heal themselves without any access to western medicine.

As a Pharmacist, this intrigued me and so I went on a search to learn alternative ways to heal.

I studied Reiki, Feng Shui, Meditation, Color Medicine, and Mind-Body connections.

I sought out great teachers and eventually I met Vikas Malkani.

The rest as they say is history.

The universe brought us together and obviously had greater plans for us.

We combined our strengths, created SoulCentre and SoulKids and many years later became man and wife.

Meeting Vikas has been a gift from the universe to me.

On reflection had my mother been alive, I doubt I would have left the UK as we were very close. It was truly a key piece in my jigsaw of life. It was painful, however it moved me forwards to something I would not have done before.

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball.

Something we did not expect to happen.

It’s painful, it knocks us off our feet and in that moment our world seems to fall apart completely.

However, I believe that if you trust the universe and follow it's signs, then everything that happens to us happens for a reason. The picture of your life starts to unfold.

If you have the courage to follow the signs then one step leads to another and before you know it life takes on a totally new meaning.

I now live my life knowing that I have the inner skills needed so that no matter what happens to me in life, I am able to handle it.

I know to celebrate the good times and to be aware that negatives in life will also happen.

I have learnt to count my blessings and to look for the good in every situation.

I have learnt that everything is temporary and soon will pass away.

I have learnt to be true to my heart, to be authentic and to simply give my best.

I have learnt to focus my time, energy and effort on the things that truly matter in life and to stay away from dramas :)

I have learnt that we have one life, so live it fully and leave the world a better place because of it.

Sally conducts one on one sessions with clients and supports them to find their life purpose.

She does key note speeches on various inspirational subjects “How to find your purpose”,How to get the best from life” and various Feng Shui topics.

Sally is also a Business Coach and Mentor.

My Spiritual Journey

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