5 Powerful Strategies To Be Calm In A World Of Chaos

By Vikas Malkani

30th August 2017

Life can change in any moment. We are always faced with and surrounded by the unexpected event, the unwanted result, and the unplanned emergency. If your ship is caught in the storm, you must have a clear and present strategy to overcome the challenges it brings.

How to stay stable

A realistic view of present day life will make you realise that un-certainty and instability reign everywhere you look. Intense stock market volatility, changing political regimes, nuclear war threats, massive corporate layoffs, divorce rates peaking, stress and anxiety at levels never seen before, and so much more. This is a time of many inner and outer changes no matter who you are; changes that will lead to great stress and unhappiness if left un-managed. Doctors also state that stress leads to the manifestation of many physical diseases if not handled correctly.

How do we handle this uncertainty and instability that surrounds us? How do we manage our mind to continue to enjoy peace, stability and calmness, in the midst of external uncertainty?

Here are 5 powerful solutions to a time of crisis, designed to keep you calm in a chaotic world:


Crisis often forces you to take a realistic look at the bigger picture of your life and make some hard choices to move forward. Do this willingly rather than resist it. Make difficult choices if you need to and adopt a whatever-it-takes attitude. Remember, it takes less energy to accept an unpleasant truth than to mentally resist it all day.

A time of uncertainty and instability is often the best time to reevaluate your priorities and establish a new direction in life.


Develop a personal vision that inspires you to get out of the crisis, as it will become the light that guides you forward.

A vision about what you will accomplish or what life will be on the other side of this uncertainty. A vision will motivate you and make it easier to take corrective measures. A vision and goals give you power to change.

To reach the goals, plan a clear strategy, and communicate it to others who are a part of it. Remember that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So make a plan, and then stick to it.


There is good even in the worst of times. Identify this by looking deeply at how you can benefit in the long term from the current crisis. Be quick to spot opportunity and to seize it to your advantage. Warren Buffet, the famed investor, is famously known for making his greatest and largest purchases at a time of crisis when everyone else is selling. Welcome change as an opportunity and challenge to learn and grow.

Take positive and persistent action on a regular basis. Even if the results are not fast to come, trudge on ahead towards your goal. Take baby steps if you have to, but whatever you do, make sure you are moving ahead all the time. The direction you are going in is important, not the speed. Plan to do something each day that takes you one step towards your goals.


The key quality to coming out of crisis is persistence – a determined mind that never gives up. Once your mind is set, stick to your target with crab-like persistence, changing only if a better way shows itself.

Practice consciously doing one thing at a time, keeping your mind focused on the present. Be willing to wait for the reward of your efforts, because things take time to change. A crisis is extra painful for the impatient or the irritable.

Take time to be alone on a regular basis, to clear your mind, listen to your heart, check your intentions; re-evaluate your goals and choose your activities. If your schedule is busy, prioritise your activities and do the most important ones first.


Remind yourself that the night is darkest before dawn breaks; that behind every dark cloud is a silver lining; the sun shines even when the clouds cover it.

Be aware of the larger movements and rhythms of life and stay optimistic even as you go through this time of chaos and crisis. You are bigger than it, and this is not the end of your life; it is just a comma in the sentence of your life, not the full stop.

Having a positive mind-set is the greatest asset you can have in a time of uncertainty, instability, chaos and crisis. Meditate regularly and train yourself to be calm and stable inside even though the outside world may be turbulent. Meditation is an important skill to develop and will give you the tools and techniques to stay calm in an unstable world.

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How To Stay Stable In Uncertain Times

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