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16th August 2017

The Tao Te Ching spoken by enlightened master Lao Tzu is one of my personal wisdom treasures. Every time I dive into its wisdom, I feel so touched, inspired, expanded and humbled!!

The amazing Tao Te Ching is made up of 81 short chapters that contain limitless wisdom. Only an enlightened master could have spoken so simply and so powerfully at the same time.

The Tao Te Ching is not a discussion or a debate, it’s a statement of reality as experienced by one man. It’s the distilled essence of this thing we call ‘Life’, as he saw it from a place of enlightenment.

The Tao is full of wonderful revelations and secrets, some completely contrary to common thought, and others so simple that they are easily missed. It’s a sharing that leaves one refreshed, empowered and curiously peaceful, even after only a few minutes of swimming in the ocean of wisdom it offers.

I offer you 3 powerful secrets from the teachings of Master Lao Tzu.

Lessons from the Tao

Tao Secret #1 - Decide your ‘Enough’ from a place of trust

Human desires have no end. Our thirst for more and more is insatiable. The Tao teaches that we have to consciously decide what is ‘enough’ for us, in different aspects of our life, and abide by that set point, else we will be on a search that never ends.

If we do not train our mind, we will continue to want more and more, create more and more, and drive ourselves harder and harder for a goal we never seem to reach. Meditation that leads to wisdom is the way.

Happiness comes when can be content with what we create, and this is possible only when we can live from a place of trust and decide what is ‘enough’ for us.

Reminds me of what Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘The earth has enough for the needs of all men, but it doesn’t have enough for the wants of even one!’

Tao Secret #2 - Live in alignment with the world around you

The Tao teaches that we are meant to align ourselves with the world around us, and the universe we live in. it is not prudent to force the world to fit into our ideas of comfort and what we think is right and wrong.

Remember that the earth was here long before we arrived, the cosmos was spinning before we started our life, and manifold life forms we unconsciously extinguish for our comfort existed in balance before we decided to rule the world!

Realize that the universe supports us, but it doesn’t need our support. Thus it is wiser always to align with the universe, rather than force the universe to align with you.

If you simply spend a few minutes to research the harm that plastics are doing to the environment and the oceans around us, you will realize that Master Lao spoke to us with wisdom that is timeless, and especially relevant today.

Fit in and flow with the Universe; don’t force it to align with you!

Tao Secret #3 - Softness is stronger than hardness

Once you begin to meditate, or receive guidance from a person of wisdom, you realize that that is no need to be hard, harsh, rough or crude, in any and all aspects of your life. The Tao says that soft and flexible beats hard and rigid. The bamboo that bends is stronger than and will outlast the tree that doesn’t.

Softness is strength, flow is resilience, and flexibility is longevity.

Flow through life and whatever it presents you with; fight with nothing. Everything just presents an opportunity to manifest something better, and you can use whatever life presents to create what you want, if you come from a place of wisdom.

Thus, suffering can be a doorway to joy; struggle can open a window to simplicity; failure can become a trigger for realization!

Non-resistance is the way of the master, says Lao Tzu. Resist nothing, respond to everything!

I love the wisdom contained in the Tao Te Ching. I hope you have enjoyed and benefited from the 3 secrets I’ve shared above.

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3 Secrets From The Tao

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