How to stay stable

How To Stay Stable In Uncertain Times

Life can change in any moment. We are always faced with and surrounded by the unexpected event, the unwanted result, and the unplanned emergency. If your ship is caught in the storm, you must have a clear and present strategy to overcome the challenges it brings.


My Spiritual Journey

My Spiritual Journey

Every one of us is born with a purpose and when we look back and connect the dots it’s easy to see that at any moment we are being guided forwards, however we do not always have the eyes to see.


Lessons from the Tao

3 Secrets From The Tao

The Tao Te Ching spoken by enlightened master Lao Tzu is one of my personal wisdom treasures. Every time I dive into its wisdom, I feel so touched, inspired, expanded and humbled!!


Meditation for Busy Mums

Meditation For Busy Mums

Juggling between work and home, coordinating the children’s schedules, driving them to and from their classes, seamlessly attempting to run your home and keeping abreast and on top of everything – such is an average day in the life of a busy mum



What Is Enlightenment?

A question that has troubled spiritual teachers and students alike for thousands of years ... What Is Enlightenment?

Many words have been used to define enlightenment - moksha, awakening, samadhi, nirvana, universal consciousness, satori and so many more.


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