Just for a moment “STOP” and think about your home, your office, your environment that you spend so much time in.

How does it feel to you?

Outer Stress Relief

Does it fill you with happiness, joy and peace, or is it chaotic, confused and cluttered?

Your external environment plays a significant role in your internal environment and your thoughts, your emotions and actions are all influenced by it.

With today’s fast paced world, we excel at being busy, and sometimes our environment is not a priority to us.

Also we are turning into a nation of shop-a-holics and hoarders and soon every available space is stuffed full of “possessions" and all this stuff literally wears us down, as we need to take care of it all.

So make a decision to take control of your environment.

Simplify-Simplify-Simplify is the motto!

Start with the front door / your home or office entrance, and take a look at what story it is telling to the world.

The beautiful energy of the universe enters into your space through this door, so make a point of welcoming it with appreciation and love.


1. Clear away any clutter that block the energy entering into your home (both inside and outside the main door).

2. Ensure all plants are healthy, vibrant and alive.

3. Spruce up the paintwork and make the door welcoming.

4. Clean the space – a sparkling clean door and entrance is so welcoming.

5. Make it bright and attractive.

Once you do this, notice the difference.

Change will happen within a few days.

Don’t believe me? Then try it … it's amazing and it works.

Outer Stress Relief - How to manage your environment

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