Meditation makes me Unstoppable!

By Dr Veronique Blanc
PhD, Molecular Biologist and SoulCentre Meditation Teacher,

11th April 2018

My life before meditation

When I was just a teenager, I would see my friends buy women magazines such as Elle, People etc, while I would buy magazines about the brain, how it works and its functions, because I had an avid interest in understanding human behaviours.
I had an enquiring mind and wanted to understand the big picture of how everything worked and connected together, but I was never satisfied by what I read or found.

My mum also told me recently that since I was very young, I wanted to become a Biochemist (even though I surely didn't know what it was back then, being so young!), and sure enough, I did become a Biochemist and Molecular Biologist.
I even got a PhD in Pathology (from a renowned London University) researching how cancer cells spread all over the body (metastases).

This was all interesting but also very frustrating as I couldn't grasp how it all worked out, so immersed in the details I was. The big picture was missing, I couldn’t connect all the dots.

meditation veronique

I then decided to move into managing research rather than doing the research myself. I started by managing research centres in metabolic diseases such as Diabetes, and then, drawn by my deep desire, I dived into studying the genetics of neurological disorders such as anorexia/bulimia, schizophrenia, and the like.

However, I was still frustrated with the minutia of the research and the very little progress I was making. So I changed my path again, and managed a research centre in Environmental Sciences, where engineers get things done very fast and move forward with great progress.

I learnt a lot about the climate, urban air and water pollution, as well as robotics. I also learnt about marine corals and mangroves, and the impact of humans on their environment. Quite varied and interesting subjects.

Along the way I also gave birth to two beautiful children and as a good mother I was driven to give them the best possible food, environment and love I could provide. This had a tremendous impact on my life, as it triggered the awakening of my long-term desire for deeper understanding of the human mind and body. There I was again, back to square one!

My discovery of meditation

One day, when I was looking for something to centre my oh-so-energetic 4-year-old, I stumbled upon SoulCentre ( and its SoulKids program. I thought it sounded great.
They also offered classes for adults about Meditation and being the researcher that I am, I decided to try it for myself before I would send my child there.
My scientific mind wanted something that I could understand and see proof of, and a teacher who could explain everything in a scientific and systematic manner; I was not going to become a student of anything woo-woo.

Starting out, I had no particular understanding or interest in meditation as I thought it was not for me to just sit doing nothing for hours, waiting for things to happen. This was my misconception of meditation then. But I was still curious, so I went to SoulCentre.

That was the turning point of my life. Little did I know that I was embarking on a great enlightening journey of knowledge and wisdom, where all my thirst for understanding the human mind, body and their interactions and resulting behaviours would be satisfied!

My training in meditation and wisdom

I soon learnt that meditation is a science, the science of the mind! How brilliant is that? I also realised that for nearly all my adult life I had been confused, like most people are, by the brain/mind conundrum. Now I realised the difference between the brain and the mind, and even better, I understood how to train my mind to trigger my brain and body to actually do what I want to do.

Learning meditation at SoulCentre was a dream come true in many ways!

I trained with Vikas Malkani personally, for a whole year, to become a SoulCentre certified Meditation Teacher ( I started with ‘Meditation Made Simple’, the beginners program and continued all the way to complete the Meditation Teacher Training with SoulCentre.

My life has been transformed from the inside out, and I feel so much happier, lighter, joyful, love towards myself and others, excited about life in general, more stable, peaceful and just present.
I've come out of my shell, and I'm now aligned with who I really am! Priceless!

Vikas Malkani is known as the Worlds #1 Wisdom Coach. He is a man of wisdom who coaches Hollywood stars, royalty, millionaires, sports champions, top CEO’s, award-winning entrepreneurs, educators, doctors, psychologists, life coaches, and countless others to maximize their personal and professional success.

This learning experience with SoulCentre founder Vikas Malkani has been, is and will always be one of the most transformative encounters of my present life.
I can't get enough of these truths that just put my mind and heart at peace.

My future in meditation

SoulCentre has won multiple awards for their unique transformational training programs and professionalism in teaching. Clients from over 40 countries have benefitted from the inspiration, wisdom and training that SoulCentre provides.

As a certified teacher of meditation, I want to bring the wisdom and techniques of meditation to as many people as I can.
Everyone seeks to be happy and fulfilled; to be stress free and enjoy inner peace; to bring out their best potential. And meditation is the way.
This wisdom needs to be shared far and wide. And I'm up for it! I am unstoppable now!

Connect with me to start your meditation journey. Life will never be the same again.

Dr. Veronique Blanc
+65 9772 2454

Meditation Makes Me Unstoppable!

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