Rashmi Lodha

12th April 2017

Being Indian, some aspects of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda were definitely not new to me.  Yet, the wisdom behind Meditation was elusive.


The larger questions of life continued to persist, but the social pressure of acquiring regular educational qualifications and successful job dominated how I was shaping my life. Thus I was aspiring to be a successful Tax Advisor climbing up the corporate ladder by equipping myself with all the necessary accounting and legal qualifications one. Yet the constant, deep desire to find a deeper meaning to life and help others was unrelenting.

Over the years I continued to focus my energies on building successful relationships, family, career, while turning a deaf ear to the inner voice. But there were times when I felt a slave of my own thoughts and actions, trying desperately to free myself. After having tried psychotherapy, I realized that I could help myself only by calming my mind – and learning Meditation was the only way.

The step by step journey at SoulCentre® with Vikas Malkani was absolutely transformational for me! Meditation Made Simple, Meditation in Action, and Masters of Meditation - these 3 programs helped me understand the essence of the wisdom taught by ancient masters. The simple and structured training that Vikas takes you through along with beautiful impactful stories were really powerful. They changed me from the inside out and it was easy to implement what I had learned in day to day activities and life situations.  

Without realizing, I was experiencing a beautiful metamorphosis. Through the wisdom shared by Vikas, I realized that real freedom and power is to live by making conscious choices rather than unconsciously shaping our lives. Truly, I couldn’t have found a wiser or better teacher than Vikas. I am very grateful…

As I see the changing world we live in, from the current global situation down to the daily routine challenges and stress we face, I believe the only way to bring peace back is by making the ancient wisdom of meditation available to everyone. With meditation one can calm oneself and learn to have peaceful thoughts. It is only then that one can create a peaceful external environment.

It is with this positive intention that I became a certified meditation teacher with SoulCentre®. My life purpose is to be a means of sharing meditation with as many people as I can and help them discover the limitless potential that’s hidden within all of us.

So why did I become a Certified Meditation Teacher at SoulCentre®?

To make our world a better planet for all!

Rashmi Lodha

Meditation Teacher at SoulCentre, Asia’s Premier Centre for Meditation & Mindfulness

Why I Become A Certified Meditation Teacher At SoulCentre®?

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