Wisdom to create a Happy & Healthy Planet

By Dr. Farshid Pahlevani, PhD
Research Scientist, Entrepreneur, Speaker
10th January 2019

Do you ever wonder why the number of tsunamis, typhoons, hurricanes, flash floods, heavy snowfall or other erratic and unexpected natural phenomena are increasing drastically…

Or if you ever compare the current climatic patterns with those in your childhood, and notice the stark difference, we are on the same page.

Our planet is changing, and it’s not for the better. In the scientific circles that I move in, it’s an accepted fact that we are close to the edge on irreversible change, where the planets climate patterns are concerned. The culprit is mankind. With our short-term perspective on life which is coupled with our lifestyle driven by uncontrolled desire and over consumption, we have pushed our planet to such an extent that it has started to show some reactions, a bit of fever and sickness, that brings in its wake some serious detoxification and purging.

I believe that the main source of the problems in the world – such as over consumption, destroying forests and wildlife, and soil degradation due to over consumption of synthesised fertiliser and pesticides – is because the mindset of human being has become uncontrolled. We lack wisdom on how to create a happy and fulfilled life, in our mind and in our external world too, and as a result, we do not think about the effects our actions have on our surrounding area or other people; instead we are focused on our immediate comfort and day-to-day activity and survival.

My wisdom coach Vikas Malkani taught me that our life and results are a reflection of our actions; and our actions are driven by our thoughts, which work on the foundation of wisdom we have accumulated through experience and learning.

When wisdom is missing, our thoughts are destructive in the long run, because we do not see the consequences of the choices that we make and the action we take.

If change is to happen in our world, and with the planet, we have to realise that all of our behaviour is linked to our mindset and how we think. And if we change this mindset, we can restore our planet. Without this fundamental understanding, real and lasting change will not manifest.

We need to align our mindset towards the health and longevity of our planet and to change our behaviour toward consumption, recycling and energy usage by educating ourselves.

We need to realise and accept that our survival is linked to the survival of our surroundings. The more we harm our planet, is how much more we harm ourselves and our future generations.

I do not come from a position of preaching to anyone, because six years ago I was the same person with the same mindset I describe above, unconsciously polluting and harming the planet I live on. I was actively engaged in day-to-day activity and was busy with what was happening to me. I loved nature and whenever possible I enjoyed going to nature, but I never realised that my actions will affect it and it will affect me in return. I just thought that I am here, and planet is there, we are side by side but not interactive. I never realised that I am connected to the universe I live in, and everything I do impacts it. I never thought that my actions make a difference to the world I live in and love.

At that time, I used to live in Singapore and coincidentally I attended some wisdom and meditation courses by Vikas Malkani at SoulCentre. I must say it was the starting point for so many positive changes in my life and business. Being coached by Vikas changed my entire perspective on life.

The wisdom that Vikas shared showed me an entirely new way to live and work; a process that would bring me happiness in life, success at work, and also make me significant enough to impact others, and eventually leave a legacy for the future.

When I learned meditation and mindfulness from him and practiced it, I realised that we are part of this planet and planet is a part of us. We are interconnected and interdependent. If we destroy our planet, how we can survive?

I truly believe that wisdom is the key to the behavioural change that is needed so desperately. With wisdom and meditation in our life, we are empowered to reconnect to ourselves and realise that we are human beings bigger than just our day-to-day activities and immediate problems. We realise that our thinking, choices and actions must be for the long-term fulfilment, health, harmony and happiness of the individual and the planet, and not just for short term pleasure or comfort.

I believe that a wisdom-inspired mindset and lifestyle will have a great positive impact on important issues such as our approach to the usage of energy, consumption of goods and creation of waste, which are some of the biggest challenges of 21st century.

With wisdom in our lives we can solve these issues in the most natural and organic way. A wisdom-inspired approach will enable us to reduce our damaging actions towards our planet while saving precious natural and financial resource.

With wisdom and meditation, we can facilitate a positive change in human mindset, thereby leading to an alignment between the human mind and planet, leading to a positive change in our current human-planet co-existence model.

The cause of the planet’s problems is the human mindset, and the cure to the human mindset is wisdom! Wisdom is the medicine to heal the planet and bring it back to harmony.

Wisdom to create a Happy & Healthy Planet

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