Meditation Helps Busy Professionals

By Dr. Narjes Gorjizadeh, PhD
7th March 2019

The demand of work places in today’s modern world is such that we are expected to do much using limited resources and in limited time. When we are always busy, it is easy to get lost in our never-ending to-do list and forget about ourselves and having quality time for ourselves. Besides, when our mind is always busy, we cannot think clearly and our performance decreases and stress is on the increase!

This is especially important for busy professionals who rely on their mind to work at its best to make important decisions or provide solutions or creative ideas for their team.

Working as a scientist in high demanding jobs I have first hand experience how having a busy mind can affect your performance. There was a time in my professional life that I was feeling so much stress that I could not think clearly and I had difficulty concentrating on my work. This was affecting all areas of my life including my health, my personal performance as well as my professional job. The symptoms got to a level that I started seeking solution to find a way to calm down my mind and I found Meditation Made Simple at SoulCentre.

Signing up for Meditation Made Simple was the best decision of my life. I was amazed by the life-changing wisdom and the scientific, yet simple techniques that work so effectively. The techniques work on the fundamental level and they enhance our performance in all areas of our life.

Fascinated by the profound science of meditation I became a keen learner and I started to practice the techniques and apply the wisdom in my life. And it worked wonders.

Soon I was a happier person with a clear mind who can perform better. The more I practiced the more I enjoyed the benefits. Holding the same job, having the same amount of workload and tight deadlines, I had no signs of stress anymore. I was calm and I was viewing all the so called pressure at work as just a situation to respond to. Through wisdom of meditation I have learned how my own thoughts in my mind are creating my results and how to correct my thoughts to bring me best results.

I often receive this feedback at the university from my colleagues, when there is an important deadline and everyone is in panic and overwhelmed, my colleagues notice I am bringing a different behavior that is not normally seen in that situation and they ask me how do you stay so calm? Meditation is my secret. And at the end I get more done, because my trained mind is more productive and more peaceful than an untrained mind.

Since I am meditating not only I am happier and more peaceful, I can think more clearly and I can find more creative solutions to the problems, both in my personal and professional life.

The profound wisdom and scientific techniques of meditation fascinated me so much that I continued learning and became a certified meditation teacher.

I now teach what changed my life to other professionals to help them benefit from this ancient wisdom the way I did and boost their creativity, performance in their personal and professional life and become a happier version of themselves.

Meditation is the most effective way to help busy professionals enhance their performance at work and in their personal life. Meditation increases focus, improves sleep, boosts creativity, and enhances learning and decision making ability. It not only helps professionals make better decisions and bring more creative ideas, but it also enhances health, wellbeing and relationships.

And it is simple to do. It just needs persistence. And it’s all worth it.


Narjes is a certified meditation teacher with SoulCentre and is based in Australia.

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Meditation Helps Busy Professionals

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