Reiki for Professionals

By Sally Forrest
BSc, MRPharmS, MBA
Managing Director, SoulCentre
25th October 2018

Many students do not know what to expect when they first enter the Reiki program at SoulCentre. They arrive often with physical conditions, emotional stress or a feeling that life is not quite in balance.

Some have heard great things from friends who have attended our SoulCentre Reiki programs and so arrive excited however not sure why they came.

After day one, life starts to change. It is as if an internal switch, a light goes on inside the student. Facial expressions, postures and emotions start to change.

Comments include:

I feel so much lighter.
My stress has reduced significantly.
My migraine has gone.
I feel alive inside.
I feel more loving and happy with life.
I love it and want to do more and more.
I wish I had learnt it earlier.

During day two the confidence starts to build and by the end of the program most students wish to continue their journey with us at SoulCentre.

Teaching to a professional standard allows students ample opportunity to ask questions, to experience giving and receiving Reiki and in addition repetitions of the teachings ensures that the messages get through.

Many of our students go on and become Reiki Masters with us and many go on and teach the SoulCentre Reiki Syllabus.

Practicing at home on family and friends is very different to taking a paid client. Suddenly the relationship is a commercial one and in exchange for a fee, the Reiki practitioner has to provide a professional service.

This can be daunting to someone who does not have any business experience or someone who is not used to dealing with people they do not know. Suddenly the safety and comfort blanket of “Sally the Mentor” is not there and you are face to face with a client who can ask any question that pops into their mind.

What about room set up?
What about Health and Safety?
How do I take payment?
What if the client is unhappy with my service?

All of these scenarios and so much more are covered in our professional training.

At SoulCentre we are also delighted that many medical doctors, vets, nurses and healthcare practitioners learn with us as our standards are first class.

Everyone is in great hands and step by step through Reiki Level 1,2 and Master training the journey is fully supported by Sally.

Sally also acts as a Mentor and Coach to those who become teachers alongside her, spreading the Reiki and Wisdom to the world.

It is a fulfilling and enlightening journey and if you are interested please do connect with Sally directly.

The next Reiki Level 1 program is scheduled for 5/6 January 2019, so please do book early to secure your space on the program.


Reiki for Professionals

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