Sally Forrest

14th December 2016

Dis-ease means your body (and your mind) have moved away from Ease.

You are out of balance in some way or another.

It is simply a message to STOP and take a look at life and how you are living it.

First ask this question "What is the message I need to learn at this moment in life?"

Then simply find a peaceful space, close your eyes, focus on your breathing, meditate and allow the answer to come to you.

Every so often I find myself feeling tired through overworking and pushing my body out of balance. 7 days of working whilst it is exciting and high paced, it does leave a toll on the body.

When this happens I simply take off into nature and simply become one with whatever is around me. I sit and listen to the sounds of nature, I observe the sights of nature, I smell the smells of nature and I allow all of this to permeate into my body and touch my senses and to bring my body back into balance.

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Meditation simply brings your attention to whatever you want to focus upon in life.

It allows you to be one pointed in your thoughts.

So if your health is being affected, then take the time to shift your focus onto your body and bring it back into balance.

Your body is giving you a message and it does not lie – so do listen to it:

A headache often means you are putting too much pressure on yourself.

A backache means you feel unsupported or are putting things behind you and not wanting to face them.

Losing your voice can mean you are not being authentic or speaking your truth.

Issues of the immune system may mean you are exhausted and feel as if life is all too much.

The meanings are there and can be seen once you develop more awareness.

The real question is – will you take responsibility for the messages and make the required changes in life?

Often we do not value or appreciate our health until we get a disease, so become aware and celebrate this amazing body that we all have.

Everything begins in the mind with a single thought, so chose to value your body and value your health and enjoy life fully.

We have one life – live it fully – with awareness and with balance.

Sally teaches Meditation and Reiki and is available for one on one consultations on any aspect of life, health, happiness and life balance.

She is highly sought after so please do book an early appointment in 2017 to get your year off to a great start!

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