Sally Forrest

21 December 2016

To really appreciate life, you have to go deeper within yourself and still the mind. Remove all unnecessary distractions. Start to see what is truly important in life.

Appreciate Life

The externals of life are temporary, they are fleeting and will come and go.

Your beauty, your years, your health, your lovers, children and friends at some stage will move on / fade away.

Simply think back to when you were 20 – where are all those people who were in your life then? At that time, they were so important, but where are they now?

What is left deep inside you is what really matters, when all else fades away.

What is at your core, the essence of who you are and what you stand for, this is where the truth and stability lies.

The word meditation begins with the letters "ME" – put yourself and your needs first.

Sit in stillness and know that all is OK no matter what is happening in your life.

Become unshakable.

Meditation takes practice, however it is a skill that everyone can learn and it will allow you to withdraw to a sacred space at a time when it is needed.

You are strong and you have an amazing inner strength to do whatever you decide to do; it really is that simple- just decide to learn to Meditate.

For once put the demands of everyone else aside and do what is important for you.

From silence comes the solutions.

Silence is precious, within the silence is everything you need.

There is no need to seek the solutions elsewhere.

Take time out and disconnect from the chatter of the world.

Connect to your heart, it is the vehicle of your Soul.

For here the wisdom is constant and unchanging.

For those who connect to the heart, they will be able to move in a world of chaos and confusion easily.

In silence all you can hear is the beating of your heart.

Sally is available for one on one coaching / guidance on how to find your passion and follow your heart to live an authentic life.

Appreciate Life – Learn To Be In Silence With Meditation

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