The investment in wisdom pays the greatest returns.


Discover the oldest and most effective methodology in existence for maximizing your life experience!

The BEST Technique™ is based on the ancient wisdom that Vikas decoded. It is the most effective and comprehensive process available for creating happiness, success, significance and legacy in our lives.

Vikas Malkani created The BEST Technique™ after having coached many coaches in maximizing their life and potential, and after research into coaching models currently available.

"Vikas, I love who you are and what you do!"
- Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach & Bestselling Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

The BEST Technique™ works in 3 powerful steps.

The training begins with SHINE™ - a coaching program that guides you to a completely new way of looking at life. It helps you discover your passions, identify your life purpose and reveals the optimal path to maximizing your inner potential.

EVOLVE™ is the second step. Here you are guided into a deeper understanding of the principles of self-mastery, and also understand the Universal laws of manifestation that influence your life and results. You understand that you are always co-creating together with the universe you live in.

BLOOM™ is the 3rd step where you begin to see the big picture of life. You imbibe the greatest wisdom into your life and demonstrate it through focused actions. You are able to align with the universal laws and life becomes smooth and struggle-free. You become inspirational to others.


During all levels of training you receive practical wisdom and techniques to create the life you desire. You are guided to your own self-mastery using the same powerful methodology that Vikas uses in his life.

By completing all 3 levels of The BEST Technique™ you will have reached a high level of understanding of life and your own unique life purpose. You will also know how Universal Laws work, and be empowered with the ways of aligning your efforts to these laws.

Vikas & Steve Wozniak

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Essential life-skills to bring out your greatest potential. SHINE helps you to identify your passions, discover your life purpose, and identify the fastest path to your greatest life.

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Advanced life-skills training to tap your greatest potential. Understand the principles of self-mastery, and align with the Universal Laws of manifestation.

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You have immense potential inside you, bring it to full BLOOM. Connect to the wisdom of the Himalayan Masters, and discover how the Universe wants you to live!

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BEST Wisdom Coach

Become a coach of our unique BEST Technique and inspire others to SHINE, EVOLVE and BLOOM.

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