You have one life. Live it!

Become a wisdom-coach of the ‘BEST Technique’ and help others to maximize life!

What is the BEST Technique?

The BEST Technique is a unique coaching methodology that Vikas decoded from the ancient wisdom of enlightened teachers. This unique methodology helps you to identify your life purpose and shows you the fastest, shortest path to your highest rewards in life. Along the way, you will also discover your passions and identify the greatest contribution you can make to others in this life time.

"Vikas is the world’s # 1 Wisdom Coach for a good reason!"
- Jeremy K Streeter (Australia)

Who created the BEST Technique?

Vikas Malkani spent many years of his life learning from enlightened Masters around the world. These teachers were the holders of the most ancient truths and wisdom on our planet. Wisdom that shows us the power to create our own reality, brings us to freedom, and attracts happiness, success, empowerment and fulfilment into our life.

Vikas applied everything he learnt upon himself and eventually experienced his own awakening at the age of 29. Since then, he has dedicated his life to making the ancient wisdom simple and practical for modern day use, and has been sharing it with people everywhere.


What is the certification process?

This is an opportunity for passionate and committed students to be trained under Vikas to become coaches of our unique BEST Technique methodology.

You will be trained personally by Vikas in the complete process of SHINE, EVOLVE and BLOOM, and after certification, you will go on to transform others too. Vikas will personally mentor you and share his secrets of excellence with you. Step by step you will be guided to the highest wisdom of life. Upon successful completion of your training, you will be licensed to coach others worldwide, in our unique BEST Technique programs, under our guidelines.

SoulCentre also offers website support and visibility and all our certified wisdom-coaches are featured on our website.

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