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SoulCentre is Asia’s Premier Centre for Meditation, Mindfulness, Wisdom Coaching,
Reiki Self-healing and Stress Management.
For your children, we offer an award-winning life skills training program called SoulKids


"Vikas is going to be bigger than Deepak Chopra. 
He is very phenomenal, very powerful."
- JT Foxx, World’s #1 Wealth Coach

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News and Events

Wealth Wisdom Winning Mastermind October & December


Be coached by 2 world-class, leading coaches to create more Wealth Wisdom and Winning in your life.

Vikas Malkani (known as the #1 Wisdom and Wealth Coach) and John Rankins (Known as The Millionaire Maker) have joined forces to teach you how to have Wealth, Wisdom and Winning in your life.
They will coach you with practical strategies and proven methodology and many breakthroughs have already occurred in this 2 day mastermind.

: You can bring a business or life partner FREE for this event (So you get 2 for the price of 1)

Seats are limited, so confirm early!

Dates & timing:
27/28 October | 10am - 6pm | Resorts World Sentosa
1/2 December | 10am - 6pm | Resorts World Sentosa

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Vikas wins 'TOP SPEAKER' award at Mega Success (USA)

Listen to his award-winning talk

Vikas’s talk on ‘3 Secrets for Success & Happiness’ at Mega Success in LA, USA in Nov 2017, was voted one of the best talks of the conference.
Over 2500 entrepreneurs, business tycoons, millionaires, Hollywood stars and even billionaires attended, from over 71 countries. At the end of the 6 day event, with over 50 speakers presenting, Vikas was honoured with a TOP SPEAKER award.
Vikas was interviewed and shared his wisdom. 2 of his students even made it to the front page picture!

Reiki Level 1                                5/6 January

Learn how to heal yourself and others.

Sally is conducting the next Reiki Level 1 course on 5 & 6 January (Saturday & Sunday).
Reiki is a simple hands-on healing system using universal life energy force.

The benefits of Reiki are numerous and include: deep relaxation, improved sleep patterns, pain management, reducing stress, elimination of toxins from the body, strengthens the immune system, promotes clarity, instils a positive attitude, helps concentration and brings a state of calmness to ones being.

Join this amazing course.
Most people wished they had learned it earlier!

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