‘BEST Technique’ wisdom coaches will show you the shortest, smoothest path to your highest life.

We are happy and proud to welcome the following 'Certified BEST Technique™ Wisdom Coaches' to the SoulCentre family...

Each one has completed a comprehensive training process directly with Vikas Malkani, the creator of the BEST Technique™ Wisdom Coaching system.

Our wisdom coaches have undergone a tough exam and are now fully qualified to guide you to your passion, purpose, success and happiness using our trademarked modules of SHINE™, EVOLVE™ and BLOOM™.

Our wisdom coaches are passionate individuals who use the wisdom and tools of The BEST Technique™ in their own lives, and each of them will bring you the professional syllabus and high teaching standards that we are known for.

Contact us or one of our certified wisdom coaches for an individual or group session and experience practical and powerful life guidance that will bring certain results.

Our Wisdom Coaches

Vikas Malkani


Vikas is the founder of SoulCentre and best selling author. He is an expert on life skills and a leading teacher of meditation & mindfulness. His life mission is to make your life bigger, better and brighter.

+65 8128 7418 / 9875 2372

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Danny Soeryadjaya

Jakarta, Indonesia


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Vidhya Shailesh


Vidhya believes that wisdom is the catalyst to change and everyone can create a life by choice. With an engineering background, she now engineers minds! Her goal is to inspire others to lead happy lives.

+65 9138 5145

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Jana Dawson


Jana believes that once you have mastered your inner world, you can make a difference in almost any endeavor. With a degree in communication & positive psychology, her passion is to help people shine.

+65 9785 7798

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Esther Balhuizen


+65 9388 0535

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Maria Sundqvist

Chicago, IL, USA

A businesswoman in a global apparel company, Maria learnt meditation for her own benefit to manage pressure at work & improve life satisfaction. She is available for small group classes in & around Wilmette, IL, USA.


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