SoulCentre is Asia’s Premier Personal Development Centre
We coach you with proven wisdom and strategies to create a life of inner and outer wealth.
Be empowered with effective techniques and guaranteed methods to enjoy a life
of happiness, success, prosperity and stress-free fulfilment.

SoulCentre is Asia’s Premier Centre for Meditation, Mindfulness, Wisdom Coaching,
Reiki Self-healing and Stress Management.
For your children, we offer an award-winning life skills training program called SoulKids

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"Vikas is going to be bigger than Deepak Chopra. 
He is very phenomenal, very powerful."
- JT Foxx, World’s #1 Wealth Coach

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News and Events

Speak for Success

Vikas Speak for Success

7 Secrets to Become a Powerful Speaker

Vikas was awarded a ‘TOP SPEAKER’at the recent Mega Success USA conference, where 2500 delegates attended from 72+ countries, and over 80 international speakers presented.
In this 2 day training, Vikas will teach you the secrets that will empower you step by step, to becoming a powerful and transformational speaker.

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SoulCentre in Straits Times

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Kids Who Meditate

On 12th November 2017 SoulCentre was featured in the Life section of the Straits Times! A great article about children who meditate.

Vikas was interviewed and shared his wisdom. 2 of his students even made it to the front page picture!

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SoulCentre UK Retreat 2018

Yearly Retreat in Grasmere - Lake District UK

Last year's UK retreat was an amazing success, so we decided to do it again! 

3 Days of wisdom in a beautiful area with breathtaking views. It will be life changing.

Discover your path to create a life of Happiness, Success, Significance and Legacy.

On 14/15/16 July. Don't miss it!

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