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Welcome to SoulCentre and SoulKids!

Asia's Premier Personal Development Centre for Children and Adults.

SoulKids FLA Award

There is a reason we chose the names SoulCentre and SoulKids for the work that we do.

The word "soul" describes the highest potential that exists inside each of us. The "soul" is the BEST part of you - the wisest, happiest, brightest that you can be. And it is this potential we help you to manifest.

We believe in authenticity, simplicity and effectiveness. We provide you genuine wisdom, simple tools and effective techniques, all of which work exceptionally well to make your life better in all aspects.

Both Vikas and Sally are professionals who massively transformed their own lives before starting the work of SoulCentre and SoulKids. They are best-selling authors and internationally reputed teachers of life skills.

SoulCentre® is our brand for adults and companies.
We use the depth of ancient wisdom, combined with simple and effective teaching techniques, to empower you to enjoy a happy, fulfilled, efficient, abundant and stress-free life.

For the high quality of our training content and unique teaching methods we are recognized as Asia’s Premier Personal Development Centre for Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki and Life Coaching.

SoulKids® is our brand for children and families. Our proprietary SoulKids training programs teach children essential skills for achieving happiness and success in their life. We also provide one-on-one coaching sessions to support and empower your child with tools to enchance their own life and results.

We believe children need more than what school provides; they need life education too. Children who attend SoulKids become happier, more confident, have higher resiliency, enhanced creative abilities and are able to interact better with others.

Through awards we have won and recognitions we have received, SoulKids has been acknowledged as a 'Brand of excellence in life-skills education for children'.

In all that we offer, we guide you to happy relationships, personal success, joy, good health and complete self-awareness. We exist to make your life bigger, better and brighter.

All our training and techniques are non-religious, and we welcome people from all countries and cultures.

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